Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the question we usually get when considering the switch to an IP PBX.

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is the general term used to describe the technology of transmitting and delivering voice communications over the Internet.

A PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is an office telephone system that provides your business with telephone features like call transfer, call hold, call-park, call waiting, auto-attendant and voicemail.
A Hosted service means that we host the phone system in our facilities and you do not need to buy an expensive on-premise PBX. Amazing PBX’s business-grade PBX service provides local, long distance and international calling and standard business PBX features. It offers your organization a one-stop, fully functional, low-cost enterprise voice solution that replaces costly traditional telephone carriers and PBX vendors.

Hosted PBX provides great features and easy install and management. These benefits include:

. Easy installation, phones plug into your existing Local Area Network (LAN)
. Easy expansion, just add phones without more PBX hardware or upgrades
. Low capital expenditure, purchase only phones, not an expensive PBX system
. Free moves, adds, changes or self-service, no need for a PBX expert
. Location independence, you can use the same PBX across multiple sites
. Telecommuting for remote workers and home offices
. Portability, move your phones to a new office without hassle
. Enhanced features, voicemail to email, simultaneous ring to cell phones, etc.
. One-stop service for local, long distance and PBX

Yes. We do not require that you buy dedicated internet service from us. We guarantee high voice quality over third party internet service providers (ISP) with proper pre-installation testing and the installation of our router. We support Cable, DSL, FIOS, and any other high speed fiber connection. We do not guarantee good voice quality on wireless internet or satellite internet.

We allocate approximately 80KBPS for each concurrent phone call, using the highest voice quality codec G711. So if you need five concurrent phone calls, you will need around 400KBPS (80×5). DSL is typically 1.5MBPS down and 768KBPS up and thus can easily handle five calls.

Phone calls create two-way traffic, so the slower uplink speed (i.e.768KBPS) is the governing factor. If there are bandwidth limitations, we can change the compression to G729 and consume only 30KBPS per call. To guarantee perfect voice quality in all traffic conditions, a QOS router is recommended, which prioritizes voice traffic over data and prevents the data traffic from degrading the voice.

Yes, we offer number porting.

Yes, you can order new toll-free numbers or port existing toll-free numbers.

Amazing PBX supports a wide range of phones from Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, Yealink and soft phone. You can order these phones through us and they will be shipped to you preconfigured for each Hosted PBX user on your account. We also support cordless IP phones.

No. You can buy phones from other distributors.

Yes, we support cordless IP phones such as the Polycom VVX D60 and the Yealink W52P DECT IP phone.

Yes, we often switch customers from other service providers or PBX systems and re-use the existing phones, as long as they are the supported VoIP phones, i.e. Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, Yealink or Counterpath.

Amazing PBX provides fax-to-email service for inbound faxes and a email-to-fax gateway for outbound faxing. This allows faxes to be delivered to your email account as PDF attachments and you can send faxes as simple as sending an email. It is advantageous because it makes it easy to save a fax disk, forward it, print it, or create an automatic distribution list.

Our service does Network Address Translation (NAT) and can deliver calls to private IP addresses behind firewalls. Consult with our network engineers to determine the best configuration.

Not all installations are the same, but in general they follow this process:

. Quote is signed by customer and accepted.
. Customer completes a site survey questionnaire and internet speed test.
. Customer provides a list of extensions, names, emails and auto-attendant script.
. Customer signs Letter of Agency to port numbers (can occur after install as well).
. Amazing PBX customizes the PBX to meet customers requirements.
. Phones are shipped to the customer.
. If new router is needed, it is pre-programmed for the customer network and shipped.
. Install time is scheduled with tech support.
. Customer installs router with remote tech support help and un-boxes and installs phones.
. Amazing PBX provides admin and end-user training via web conference at customer’s convenience