Amazing PBX Features

Amazing PBX has been developed for decades and it is constantly being updated to keep it in the leading edge of PBX technology. Below we show you some of the feature available to you as a user of the Amazing PBX.

View our phone system features and benefits below.


Automated Attendant Menus

Create a custom message your callers will hear when they call you. "Press 1 for Sales. Press 2 for Customer Service...". A great auto attendant menu is the first step to sounding like a big company. Menus let you send callers to phones, voicemail, recordings, queues and more. All at the press of a button.

Advanced Voice Mail Features

Every extension comes with it's own voicemail box. Amazing PBX lets you listen to voicemail messages directly in your online account or have them sent to your email address. Get notified of new voicemail via email or text message, with the audio file attached.

Call Detail Reporting

Get valuable insight into your customers with call reports. Break your calls down by inbound or outbound call, duration as well as the time of the call. Automate call reports to be sent to your email on a regular schedule.

Call Recording

Monitor, review and save call recordings to your account. Set up and manage your call recordings in your PBX settings. Choose to record every incoming or outgoing call (or both), or restrict call recording to specific extensions on your account.

Call Blocking

Stop unwanted calls from ever reaching you, or block outgoing calls so your users never call a number you don't want them to call. Phone numbers you'd like to block can be quickly added to your blocked list. You can also un-block callers just as easily.

Call Notification

Be notified via email or text when incoming calls reach your number. Setup your account to send a simple notification via email for incoming calls. Messages contain the Caller ID of the caller, the number or extension they dialed, date and time of the call.

Call Transfer

Transfer a call to another number. You can permanently forward a phone number to another number or while on a call. Don't make customers call another number. Just use call transfer.

Call Waiting

Amazing PBX allows your system to receive as many simultaneous calls as your phone can handle. Call waiting gives you the ability to switch between two or more concurrent incoming calls.

Mobile Workforce

Forward calls to single or multiple phone numbers, including your cell, home, office, or anything else that can take calls. Transform your laptop, tablet or mobile phone into your your office phone extension by using a soft phone. Make, take and transfer calls just as if you were in the office.

Call Queues and ACD

Put callers on hold until they can connect to the next available representative. Never give your customers a busy-tone again. Call Queues allow you to route incoming calls to a specific group of members and distribute the calls to the most qualified person available.

Time Based Routing

Route calls or play greetings based on caller, time or day of the week. Schedules allow you to route incoming calls to different numbers, extensions, greetings, menus and more based on the day and time the call is received.

Follow Me

Our follow me feature allows you to configure your extension to dial multiple destinations (Your home, mobile phone, etc.) in order or at the same time. You can also pre-screen the calls to see if you want to naswer them or send them to voicemail.

Dynamic Caller ID

For inbound calls, See who’s calling and decide how to route the call. For outbound calls, you have the ability to set your own outbound caller ID number or even use our local presence feature that changes your caller ID depending on where you are calling.

Conference Rooms

Our conference bridge makes it easy to connect employees or customers from whereever they are, home, on the road or in the office. It’s perfect for weekly team meetings, sales training, customer training, project meetings and webinars.

Do not Disturb

Sometimes you just need the phone to be silent. Sends callers directly to voicemail, even before the first ring. At the press of a button, Do Not Disturb sends calls directly to voicemail or routes them to the next call handling rule.

Global Numbers

Does your business have customer around the world? Give customers anywhere in the world a local number to call you. You work in Miami but your clients are in Bogota. Amazing PBX service lets you choose a Bogota number that rings your phones in your account.

Intuitive Web Interface

Amazing PBX's web interface gives you easy to use, permission-based access to PBX features. We have designed our PBX features to be powerful and easy to configure and manage with a few simple clicks. But when in doubt, our customer service agents are always ready to support all your configuration needs.

Online Faxing

Send, receive and save fax files directly to your computer. Simple to use and extremely convenient. Each incoming fax is converted into a PDF file and sent to your configured email address. Send faxes by just sending an email with attachments to our fax email gateway.

Text Messaging (SMS)

Send and receive text messages over phone numbers provided by Amazing PBX. Messages sent to your number are forwarded to your email address. You can also respond the text message by replying to the email.

Dial by Name Directory

Help callers find the right extension. The phone system asks callers to enter the first or last name of the person they are trying to reach. Callers can use their keypad to enter the first few letters of the party's first or last name. The caller is then transferred.

Advanced Call Routing

Advanced options to direct all incoming calls to single or multiple destinations. Send callers to the right place the first time. You can also create your own customized rules to route incoming calls to their desired location based on multiple factors.

Mobile Relays

Are you on the road and need to make an important call from your office number? No problem, Amazing PBX's mobile replay feature allows you to access your office phone system remotely and make calls just as if you were in the office.

Music on Hold

Give your customers something worth listening to. Professional music for callers waiting on hold or in a queue. You can also upload your own customized music on hold or sales messages to be played to caller while they wait.


Personalize your system with custom messages, music and voice greetings. Greetings let you personalize your phone system with audio greetings, messages, music, menus and voices by uploading your own audio files.

Most Valued Features

One of our best features is our fully managed service, where our support agents are happy to help you configure your PBX to adapt to your business needs and to ensure your questions are answered.

We also provide extensive documentation covering a wide range of topics with step-by-step instructions if you choose to configure it yourself.

Disaster recovery and Business Continuity features take care of unforeseen event such as a storm, fire or prolongued power outages caused by natural disasters like South Florida's hurricanes which can bring productivity to a screeching halt, affecting your bottom line and external communications. With the Amazing PBX's hosted phone service, your flow of communications can continue even in an emergency because your communication's infrastructure is protected in a hosted environment.