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Upgrade to a state of the art phone system with the leader in IP PBX Technology Check out our options and features included.

Successful phone system implementations

Our experienced sales and implementation agents will make sure your new phone system goes flawless from start to finish, regardless if it is a brand new setup or you are migrating from a legacy phone system or another provider. After implementation, our managed service will give you peace of mind that you can always count on us to keep your system configured to your specifications. Just send us a request and we will get it done.

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Some of our Features

Automated Attendant Menus

Menus let you direct callers to where they ...

Advanced Voice Mail Features

Get voicemail via email or text message, with ...

Call Detail Reporting

Get valuable insight into your customers with ...

Call Recording

Monitor, review and save call recordings ...

Mobile Workforce

Make calls just as if you were in the office ...

Call Queues and ACD

Distribute calls to the most qualified person ...

Advanced Call Routing

Send callers to the right place the first time ...

Follow Me

Your phone will try multiple destinations ...

Intuitive Web Interface

Easy to use access to PBX features ...

Online Faxing

Send and receive faxes to your computer ...

Text Messaging (SMS)

Send and receive text messages (SMS) ...

Many more...

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Powerful Full featured Easy to use Insightful reports Full managed service Simply amazing!